Digital transformation

You have been hearing a lot about digital transformation. It's probably the hottest topic for e-commerce businesses, b2b industry leaders, and of course technocrats. The B2B e-commerce market is projected to be two times bigger than the B2C market in 2020.

The rise of the global e-commerce market can be associated with the following factors including: Technological advances in the e-commerce industry Increasing usage of mobile and internet in the industry Advanced e-commerce solutions for customer experience management  Digital transformation is accelerating the market context for every e-commerce business. Digitalization is the main cause of large-scale business transformations across multiple platforms of b2b business, ensuring unprecedented opportunities for profit creation and market capture. E-commerce companies across the world are taking benefit of the strategic implications of these digital transformations for their b2b e-commerce organizations, industry ecosystems, and business operations.

As you look for digital transformation in your e-commerce business, it’s important for any business to look at its strategy in terms of profits and outcomes. Digital customer experience is also a vital part of your transformation story. When re-designing of your entire business models, businesses should focus on these following areas: Aim to improve your end-user experience to increase productivity and customer retention. Focus on digital transformation processes to reduce operations costs and differentiate services. Gain insight and control over digital assets to reduce complexity in business operations. Improving your infrastructure and operations to improve cost-effectiveness and flexibility. Control over analytics to gain insights for improving business efficiencies and gain competitive advantage.

The customer experience (CX) is the outcome of the efforts you made to make a customer happy. It impacts the entire lifetime relationship of a client with your brand including the key factors such as customer service, social connection, product quality, post-purchase feedback services, etc. But the important is how memorable these experiences are for your customer. Thus, it’s important for e-commerce companies to ensure the best customer experience management through customer experience management tools like CEM for tracking and organizing all consumer interactions. These tools have the capability to achieve it through its integration quality with other software solutions such as personalization tools and A/B testing tools, content management systems, recommendation tools, customer data platforms, usability tools, etc. 

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